Roof Tarping

With a VaporFree® blue tarp shelter, rain doesn't stand a chance. There’s no better way to shield your outdoor projects than with a high quality polyethylene cover. Rain protection on roof repairs, car covers, storage and much more is simple and hassle-free with these versatile tarps.

Each VaporFree® blue tarp is fabricated using 10-millimeter thick polyethylene material for superior breath-ability and protection. These tear resistant tarps deliver years of quality shielding against all weather systems. Each blue tarp is designed to resist mildew, acid and mold accumulation, so you can be sure your outdoor storage remains clean, dry and fresh for the long-term. Meanwhile, our blue poly tarps are treated for optimum cold-weather performance. Arctic flexibility means the tarp will remain fully functional in freezing and sub-zero temperatures, making it ideal for all-season use.

We carry blue tarps in every shape and size needed for any type of job. We have small-scale, heavy duty tarps starting at incredibly low prices. These affordable rain shelters will keep your outdoor storage cool and dry without breaking the bank. Small blue tarps can be used for picnics, tent floors and small woodpiles, while large blue tarps offer enough coverage to protect your antique cars, boats and RVs. Browse VaporFree® to find every size, color and material imaginable to help protect your biggest investments.

VaporFree® blue tarps may be the most common type of tarp seen around. Blue tarps are often best for temporary protection, such as being used as a roof tarp or a camping cover. Like most tarps, these advanced blue tarps are UV-treated, waterproof, rot-proof, and mildew resistant which makes them an ideal solution for temporary roof repairs.

VaporFree® blue tarps are often given out before a hurricane in case of water damage. When a blue tarp is used as a roof tarp, the plastic tarp can protect for up to 90 days and can be held in place by wood and nails. If you experience roof damage during a hurricane, a roof tarp will protect the inside of your house from accumulating moisture that will lead to mildew, mold, and rotting.

Other uses for VaporFree® advanced tarps include picnics, car covers, storage, camping, and much more. In the case of camping, two (or even one) VaporFree® blue plastic tarps can become a tarp shelter in case of rain. While rope is needed to set up the tarp by tying it to a tree or tying it down with stakes, one angled blue tarp can protect your tent and immediate surrounding ground area in case you encounter a rain storm. An additional tarp can be placed underneath the tent to prevent the bottom from absorbing water, which also serves as an additional buffer against dirt, insects, and rocks. This second tarp however, should only be as big as the tent's floor, since water can possibly enter between the tarp and the tent via the excess piece of tarp.

Sealing a Roof with VaporFree®

VaporFree® polyethylene tarps have a variety of uses around your property, all of them protective. For instance, when you're fixing the shingles on the roof of a house, our larger tarps are perfect as roof tarps that can help keep the weather elements out on a temporary basis. With the strong, durable poly tarps sold here at, you'll have all the high quality low cost roof tarps and protective tarps you'll need on hand, for whatever project you have in mind.